Requirements For Applicants

  • Have completed secondary school or graduated from a high school
  • Passed the University Entrance General Test with at least 400 overall band score
  • Obtained sufficient English language proficiency to succeed in our classes
  • Have their desired goals in mind, the ability to study hard, be a hardworking and patient individual
  • Be straightforward, friendly and cooperative, with high moral standards, and a well- balanced character
  • Follow GLU’s practices and rules.
  • Have financial proof they can pay their tuition
How To Apply

The procedure to enroll in GLU is different for domestic and international students. Required documentations for Domestic Students

Civil passport
Enrollment application
Certified National Examination mark sheet
High School Diploma
Reference letter from a teacher at their school
A 450-500 word essay titled: “My goal to study at GLU: How GLU can help you to fulfill your dreams and purpose in life”
Two passport sized photographs

An applicant who wants to enroll in GLU’s fall semester must submit these documents by June 19th. The GLU’s acceptance committee will review the application and make its decision.


At GLU, senior level subjects are taught in English and the English language is taught intensively within the first two years of the curriculum. It is therefore necessary that a student who wants to enroll in GLU has the skills necessary for writing, reading and speaking in English. Both domestic and international students are welcome to apply for admission and an English proficiency test will be given to assess the current level of English of the applicant and will be placed into the appropriate level of ESL class.

Occasionally, English speaking visiting professors teach classes at GLU and then students both domestic and international are recommended to possess a strong skill of English to succeed in

Required Documents For International Students
A 450-500 word essay titled: “My goal to study at GLU: How GLU can help you to fulfill your dreams and purpose in life”
Two copies of photo sized 3X4
Two high school or college transcripts approved by a notary
Reference letter from a teacher at their school
Certified transcripts of standardized English test scores (TOEFL /iBT/ IELTS), and external examination results if applicable.
Physical exam /HIV/
Financial proof that tuition can be paid.
A notarized copy of their Passport

Any international applicant who wants to enroll in GLU has to send the above mentioned documents before May 25th to our e-mail or street address. Transfer students

The Global Leadership University warmly welcomes students from other universities who want to develop their leadership skills, further their career objectives or plan on studying abroad. We do not discriminate on the basis of country, religion, ethnicity or sexual orientation.

If you decide to transfer to GLU, we will match your previous program with our current program and strive to transfer as much as of your credit courses to make your transfer as smooth as possible. You will be required to take the TOEFL test if you wish to continue into our joint degree or exchange programs abroad.


GLU must receive the above mentioned materials by June 1. We will send them to the Mongolian Ministry of Education, Science, and Culture (MESC). The Ministry will review the application materials and make their decision by August 2009. Upon receiving this information, GLU will inform the applicant of their final decision.

Once the MESC grants the applicant permission to study at GLU, the applicant must pay his tuition fee and request a student visa.


  • GLU’s academic year has two semesters consisting of four quarters. The semesters begin in both the autumn and spring.
  • The 2017-2018 Academic year begins on September 1st. The first week of the academic year is an orientation week, which all new students are expected to attend. During orientation, students will be given guidance by their professors.


Our tuition fee includes full time credit bearing courses, classroom maintenance and student activities. Books and supplies are the responsibility of the student. We vary our fees each year, based on market conditions, inflation, and competitive cost. However, once approved by our board of directors, it will not be changed during the academic year. For information about the upcoming school year’s tuition, please write us at


The Global Leadership University offers you to win the Presidential Scholarship which takes place each semester. The scholarship will cover one semester’s tuition. The student who is granted scholarship is allowed to be the President of the University’s Student Union.