To empower a body of students and alumni who are leaders not only in terms of academic and professional success but also in terms of their values and responsibilities and accountabilities to our communities and stakeholders, growing to be global authentic leaders with distinctive moral education.

To empower a community of faculty and staff who are leaders in their teaching and research leading GLU to the future of a research intensive, comprehensive, competitive and global university. A university that creates a sustainable impact on society, environment and communities through cutting edge technologies, innovations and entrepreneurship.

To empower a community of stakeholders who are aligned with our institutional values and mission objectives and work closely with them in empowering lives for better. As an institution of higher learning, GLU will strive to work closely with all stakeholders in finding solutions and creating breakthroughs in fighting world’s most pressing challenging issues including poverty, education, health, climate change and environmental degradation.

To find financial resources to improve learning environment, student services and invest in a new student dormitory, arts center, teaching hospital and a sports complex within next five to ten years.

To offer new degree programs aligned with societal demand and increase the number of professional training and service programs for students. GLU will open new research centers in alignment with its program offering and research direction.

To implement a human resource policy to attract and retain a pool of talented leadership team, teachers and staff. GLU will increase the diversity of its faculty members in the future and about half of the faculty and staff team will be international.

To direct institutional policy and resources towards preparing a competent student body in alignment with university’s vision and mission statements. Students will be put first and foremost in all matters.

To create an environment where everyone including the administration, teachers, staff and students are treated equal, given equal opportunity to advance, shown mutual respect, required accountability and integrity in all matters.