GLU is the leading global university in Mongolia with most number of joint degree programs with world class universities around the world. Within the network of over 160 universities in 7 countries, GLU students can complete their undergraduate and graduate degrees at one of our joint degree partner universities and have the possibility of graduating with dual degrees. There are three types of join degree programs at the moment which students can choose depending on your language proficiency and their financial commitment:

1+3 Transfer Program: GLU sophomore students can continue on into this program, transferring their first year of general education credits as long as they can meet the admission requirements of the host institution. Students with at least 6.0 IELTS and iBT score of 60 or above are eligible to join the 1+3 program in Taiwan, South Korea, Australia and the United States as a transfer-out students. They will only receive the diploma of their host institution. Students can receive scholarships for their remaining 3 years of study abroad and it is sole decision of the host institution.

2+2 Dual Degree Program: GLU junior students with at least 60 credits earned can transfer to one of GLU’s partner institutions to study for their remaining 2-2.5 years abroad, graduating with two diplomas. After completing their degrees overseas, students will bring back their transcripts to graduate from GLU. This is one of the most popular programs among GLU’s study aborad programs and students can receive some scholarships in the final years abroad, which is sole decision of the host institution. In most cases, GLU students can receive 50-100 percent tuition waivers at their host institutions of choice, especially in Taiwan.


One rare opportunity that GLU students get to enjoy is the variety of destinations and choices for current full-time students to study abroad for either one semester or one academic year. As long as GLU students have no outstanding balance on their tuition, have demonstrated a good attitude, language proficiency, all students are eligible to study abroad for one semester or one academic year without paying any tuition at the host institution. The number of exchange students are usually limited by reciprocal agreements between universities and please check with the Office of International Education and Exchange for deadlines, applications and etc. as early as possible in the semester.


There are both inbound and outbound short-term summer exchange programs for GLU students abroad and its partner institutions in Mongolia. GLU has been hosting a growing number of international students in the summer for a variety of short-term excursion, credit earning and volunteer programs. GLU’s partner universities offer hundreds of summer exchange programs, which are mostly tuition free for GLU students. For a full list of summer programs available, please contact OIEE.


In partnership with several universities in Taiwan, GLU has been implementing a number of work study degree seeking programs where part-time work and internship components are included in the program. This way, students can earn their degree while earning income to defray the costs of their education. In most cases, the host university arranges the internship and job places for the students and out of their salary, students pay their tuition and living expenses. For more information on the work study program, please contact OIEE.


GLU students can study for 1-12 month ESL programs in the United States and other English spoken countries. Many of GLU’s partner universities have a preparatory foundation English programs for those transfer students who do not meet the admission requires right away.


GLU is in the process of setting up a special Korean language center to prepare GLU and the general public in improving their proficiency in Korean language. Those students who wish to continue to study in Korea can choose Korean language in their first two years in lieu of English programs.


GLU is in the process of setting up a special Mandarin Chinese Language Center to better prepare its students who are intending to study in Taiwan and the Republic of China. It currently offers 5 month Chinese Language Learning program and hosts Taiwanese teachers every semester. To access GLU’s comprehensive student guide for joint degree, exchange, work study and study abroad programs, please click here.