Service is at the heart of our organization. We promote the value of servant leadership and volunteerism in creating a better world for our global communities. Service and volunteerism can develop leadership qualities that are essential in succeeding in all professional fields of society and through voluntary services, members of our global society can learn to take actions to help and improve their community lives and the world around them.


Excellence is a word that defines who we are and how we run our organization. We strive to run our programs and activities at the highest level of management, quality and innovation and to improve our organizational performance at all times. We are competent in what we do and that helps us to teach others leadership qualities.


We demand and require the highest level of ethical standards amongst our organizational stakeholders so that what we do promotes mutual understanding and trust. Integrity is an important element of leadership and we hope to promote this value to others through our programs and activities.


We value and embrace diversity. Diversity brings innovative thinking and helps us challenge the way we think, act and live today. We have an organizational culture constantly seeks out different views and perspectives and approaches on doing things and that culture helps us to improve at all times. We give all individuals, organizations and communities an opportunity to be heard and to benefit from our programs and activities regardless of their geographic location, religion, nationality and economic, social and political situation.


We value and recognize the importance of working with our global community organizations to reflect the diverse backgrounds, views and needs of individuals, organizations and communities we seek to serve. We value and appreciate the support that we receive from our global communities and strive to work together to improve our community lives. We believe that this is a joint effort of a global network of community members that share the vision of a better world.


Leaderships skills can and should be learned but not born with, and should be continually improved and refined. We provide programs and activities that foster lifelong learning opportunities for leaders of today and tomorrow. Because a lack of or misconceived perception of leadership, many communities throughout the world suffer from corrupted, ineffective, and/or even dictatorial administration. Our vision is to implement a leadership-centered education model where students, faculty, staff and various stakeholders are empowered to be authentic leaders with values and principles and accountabilities to our communities that we serve.