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  • "In December" GLU and NCLS celebrated its 10th and 5th anniversaries respectively.
  • "In September" New Century Leadership High School was upgraded to secondary school offering K-12 programs and was officially named New Century Leadership School (NCLS)
  • "In June" GLU has received candidacy into ACBSP accreditation, a global business accreditation, at ACBSP Annual Conference in Salt Lake City, UT, USA
  • "In June" The college status was upgraded to Global Leadership University
  • "In June" Global Leadership University was accredited by the Mongolian National Accrediting Body
  • "In August" The New Century Leadership High School, a senior high school program was established at the university
  • "In October " Taiwan Education Center at Global Leadership University was established
  • "In July " The Global Leadership College was standardized/reaccredited by the Ministry of Education. Culture and Science of Mongolia
  • "In September" The Global Leadership Executive Education program was launched to offer courses for businesses and corporations
  • "In August" The Global Leadership College was established and started offering degree programs
  • "In June" Establishment of GL television studio at Global Leadership Foundation
  • "In August" The Global Leadership English Training Center was established and began to offer English and self- development courses
  • "In August" The Global Leadership Foundation was founded