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Student Clubs and Organizations

Global Leadership Club

The Global Leadership Club is a volunteer youth organization designed to provide leadership development and community service opportunities for community growth. It aims to create a global network to further the University’s mission by serving communities around the world.

  • Students from both the training center and scholarship programs participate in the club
  • Over 1,000 individuals have served in the club
  • The club network includes the Mongolian cities of Ulaanbaatar, Darkhan, Erdenet, and five US cities: Campbellsville, KY; Dickinson, ND; Devils Lake, ND; La Junta, CO; and Lamar, CO

Student parliament

At GLU Student Services our goal is to provide students with the resources to achieve their full potential, both within the university community and in society as a whole. We are dedicated to supporting the academic and personal endeavors of every student through advocacy, leadership and partnership.

GLU Student Services aim to provide ongoing support including Students activities that is held by the school and by the other institutions of Spring Semester and Fall Semester of each Academic year with frequent social functions during the year. We wish you well with your studies and hope you find our services helpful.

Student Resources

For the 2017-2018 academic year calendar, please click here.

For the 2017-2018 student activity calendar, please click here.

For student orientation handbook, please click here.

Office of Academic Affairs

GLU’s Office of Academic Affairs exists to manage day-to-day operations of academic activities including class scheduling, curriculum development, accreditation compliance, monitoring and evaluation of both students and faculty/staff. It also carries the duties of academic records and student academic related services for past, current students and alumni.

For a complete list of academic policies, rules and regulations at GLU, please click here.

Office of Student Development

GLU’s Office of Student Development manages the day-to-day operations of student development programs including annual activity plans, program specific activities, and all events and programs from recruitment through graduation.

Office of Finance

GLU’s Office of Finance deals with all accounting duties from payrolls through taxation and social insurance. This office also makes sure that the university operations are accountable and faculty/staff are meeting the target goals, KPI indicators and evaluates performances on a semester basis.

Office of Marketing and Communications

GLU’s Office of Marketing and Communications produces all digital and paper contents of the university. Working closely with the GL studio, it produces television programs, program brochures, media releases and organizes recruitment events and activities. It also publishes the monthly newspaper, “Global Leader” to students, faculty, alumni and friends.

Office of Support Services and Maintenance

GLU’s Office of Support Services and Maintenance ensures that the university has the necessary maintenance such as water, heating, electricity and maintenance of campus properties. The security officers make sure that the campus is safe and guarded all the time.