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Study Abroad Scholarship Programs:

GLU’s education consulting division, Global Leadership Foundation, offers a variety of scholarship programs in the 7 destination countries. In the past, GLF has managed to send over 4500 dedicated Mongolians students to study abroad with substantial scholarships. GLF is the founding organization of the university and still continues to offer a variety of ESL and scholarship programs. Some of the programs are outlined below and for further information, please contact OIEE.

High School Exchange Program:

GLF works with a number of U.S. Department State Designated Sponsors for J-1 exchange programs. High school students aged between 16-18 are eligible to join the high school exchange program. For more details, please contact OIEE.

Study in Taiwan Scholarship Program:

GLF offers over 300 scholarships annually for qualified students in Mongolia and abroad. Students with academic and leadership potential and who have the necessary language scores, can qualify for three types of scholarships:

A: Tuition Free+Dormitory Free+Monthly Stipend of 200 USD

B: Tuition Free

C: Half Tuition Free

About 50-100 students choose GLF services per year to find scholarships and fulfill their dreams to study abroad.

Study in Korea Scholarship Program:

For students with Korean language proficiency and/or IELTS scores, our partner universities in Korea can award 50-100 percent tuition scholarships for GLU and students from other schools in Mongolia. For further information, please contact OIEE.

Study in USA Scholarship Program:

Some of our partner schools in the U.S. can offer up to 90 percent tuition scholarships and students must have IELTS or iBT TOEFL score and leadership potential to qualify for those awards.

Study in Australia Program:

In Australia, students can choose a variety of ESL and degree programs, but the scholarship is often limited. Students can learn ESL at GLU’s School of Foreign Languages to prepare for Australian and Mongolian government scholarships.

Study in Canada Program:

Students can study in Canada for a variety of programs and please contact GLF or OIEE for more information.


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