With massive mineral resources, untapped nature and rich history, Mongolia is a great place to visit and study for international students from all over the world. Located between Russia and China, Mongolia’s fast growing economy and urbanization has attracted many global companies and the capital city, Ulaanbaatar, is a metropolis with a variety of restaurants, clubs, museums and activities for international visitors. Ulaanbaatar City is safe and many young people speak English these days and most people are friendly to international visitors. Mongolia is an adventure destination for students who wish to learn more about Mongolia’s rich history, culture and modern lifestyle and those who wish to gain unique experience rather than conventional study abroad experience in the United States or Europe. Mongolians are very friendly and by choosing to study in Mongolia, especially at the Global Leadership University, you will start a journey of unforgettable memories and find friendships that will last for a lifetime. During the summer time, you will enjoy the stunning beauty of the Mongolian countryside, experience the nomadic hospitality and taste the authentic Mongolian food that you will find nowhere in the world.