Why choose GLU

Top 10 reasons for choosing GLU

  1. World-class Education: With its business programs in candidacy in ACBSP, a global business accreditation, GLU is committed to striving for international accreditation for all of its programs across disciplines. Learning English with native speakers in the first two years, students become capable of learning in English taught curriculum. GLU emphasizes international language and cultural competency in all its graduates and our graduates are more likely to be hired by international companies and organizations due to their language and multicultural skills.
  2. Study Abroad Scholarship Opportunities: Since 2005, GLU has assisted over 4500 students to study in the United States, South Korea and Taiwan, raising a total of 5 million dollars in scholarship funding. Each year, one hundred GLU students study abroad with various scholarships. As a student at GLU, you will have a variety of scholarship opportunities to study at world’s leading universities in forms of tuition scholarships, monthly stipends and housing scholarships.
  3. 1+3, 2+2, 1+1 Dual Degree Programs: All GLU students can choose from a list of 160 universities globally to continue their studies in dual degree programs where the first two years of credits are transferred to the host institution. GLU is the top university by its scale of internationalization and joint degree agreements.
  4. Student Exchange Program: As Mongolia’s global university, GLU requires all students to study abroad as a part of their educational journey with us. On either a short-term or long-term study abroad or student exchange experience, students broaden their horizons, improve their international competencies and language abilities.
  5. Harvard-style Curriculum: GLU is the first and only institution in Mongolia that has been consistently adopting Harvard-style case teaching methodologies. Graduate level courses are mostly taught in case methodology and such approach to teaching and learning improved student satisfaction and the university reputation.
  6. Authentic Leadership Student Development Program: All students at GLU are required to take a course on authentic leadership. Students are divided into groups of LDGs (Leadership Development Groups) where they have the space and the environment to share their stories and grow as leaders. Adopting Harvard-style leadership development programs, all students engage in deep learning about themselves on themes such as values, ethics and self-awareness.
  7. Online Learning: Using computer technology, GLU offers a variety of online learning modules for international students. Today, international students can earn an online MBA degree from the institution. Visiting professors from Harvard are occasionally invited into classrooms and students practice their English, while learning from world-class professors.
  8. Downtown Location: Located in the downtown area of the capital city, GLU is positioned conveniently to meet the growing needs of students who prefer to study and live in urban settings. Students can access a variety of choices in entertainment, food, shopping and recreational activities near our campus.
  9. Modern Facilities: With recent investments in university facilities, students can learn in modern facilities including the innovation lab, student cafeteria, library and Harvard-style lecture halls.
  10. International Teaching Faculty: To provide world-class education in Mongolia, GLU has been committed to inviting international faculty members to teach ESL and other professional subjects. Currently, three American professors are teaching ESL for first year students. For graduate programs, many Harvard professors joined our classes online and some of them traveled to Mongolia to deliver classes in person.