Bachelor’s degree professional programs

Name of the programmsExpertiseExpertiseDirection of general examination
1.BankFinance and banking officerCredit Economist, Accountant, Auditor, Market Risk Analyst, Operational Risk Analyst, Financial Analyst, Researcher Asset Management Manager, Asset Analyst, Dealer, EconomistMathematics, Social knowledge, Foreign language
2.AccountingAccountingAccountant of all branches, bank teller, tax inspector, head of financial department of the organization, international auditorMathematics, Social knowledge, Foreign language
3.Financial managementFinance OfficerFinancial Manager, Investment Manager, Economist, Risk Analyst, Financial Analyst, Registrar, Financial Officer, Insurance Broker, Auditor, State Inspector, Researcher Asset Management Manager, Asset Analyst, Broker, Dealer in Investment Bank, Asset Management managerMathematics, Social knowledge, Foreign language
4.Business Administration Human resources manager and specialist Project manager and specialist, Strategic planning specialist, Manager at all levels of the organization, Business researcher, Main operations manager, 4 specialists, Business consultantМатематик Нийгмийн тухай мэдлэг, Гадаад хэл

5.Tourism Tourism and hotel industry manager, tourism industry business planner manager, tour operator, head of tourist campMathematics, Geography, Mongolian language, Social knowledge, Foreign language
6,Computer networkComputer Network EngineerComputer network techniques, equipment and network server, its software, organization of computer networks, organization of network management and protection, admin engineer.Mathematics, Physics, Mongolian language
7,ManagementManagerFirst and middle managers, supply managers, sales managers and planning managers in business organizations.Mathematics, Social knowledge, Mongolian language