suvilahui teachers

The School of Nursing has a structure and organization of “Basic Nursing Department” and “Different Nursing Department” with a director, program vice director, head of department, main and assistant teachers, contract teachers.

Regarding the education of the teaching staff, 15 teachers with a master’s degree, 10 with the “Leadership” degree in nursing, 16 specialized specialized nurses, and 2 clinical professors, 16 teachers participated in teaching methods training at universities. Two teachers are studying for doctorates in the field of education in MSU and nursing studies in ASU.

International F. Nightingale awardee 1, Order of Red Banner of Labor Merit 3, Order of the Polar Pole 7, Medal of Honor for Labor 2, Top employee of the health sector 13, Top employee of Labor and Social Protection 2, 1 chief worker of the capital city, 8 chief health workers of the capital city, 1 winner of the “Top Young Teacher” medal of the Ministry of Health, 6 “Golden Lantern” Best Nurses, 2019 “Best Colleagues” of GUIS, 2020 GUIS D. Enhdelger, a teacher from the Department of Basic Nursing, was selected as the “Outstanding Teacher” of the school.